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Kedd Dec. 13, 2016 10:03 pm by Serene Nightbough


Hogy könnyebb legyen nyomon követni, hogy mikor van kiírva új azonnali és hova …

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Szomb. Jún. 08, 2013 6:05 pm by Jerobeam

Ezen a szent helyen lehet magánküldetésekre jelentkezni, szám szerint párhuzamosan kettőre. …

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Magánjáték és PvP Zárás

Vas. Május 15, 2016 8:17 pm by Ciel Eisenschnittel

A topik létrehozásának oka, hogy szépen számon lehessen tartani, hogy kinek mikor van igénye …

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1Karakterek mottói Empty Karakterek mottói on Csüt. Ápr. 07, 2016 7:19 pm


az Isten Lángja
az Isten Lángja
Karakterek mottói, avagy Darr unatkozott orvosi angolon:
(Természetesen ezek az én személyes elképzeléseim, szívesen olvasnék tőletek is hasonlókat, ha valaki kedvet érez... vagy unatkozik, mint én Very Happy)

"In justice's absence, law and order are wich all faithful men must obey." - Norven kather

"Arrows as rain, force as furious storm, grace as gales in the spring." - Loreena Wildwind

"Only the moon's shadow understands heart's true desires" - Alicia Zharis

"Wich you see, you can take. Wich you can take is yours. Life is simple." - Astonien Michelberger

"Ever resolute. Always withstand. Always repay." - Reingard Schwazjäger

"Life is disgust. Justice is meaningless. Faith is false." - Quermos Ashor

"This world is built from secrets. If you solve them all, you conquered it, am I right? Of course I am!" - Wilhelmina von Nachtraben

"Sin of blood does not stain the light of faith and valor." - Hilde von Nebelturm

"Keen to the oldest desires. That of passion. That of love. That of being loved." - Yrsil

Folyt. köv.

"Én vagyok Abaddón, e földnek bírája. Az Úr megítélt titeket és konkolynak találtattatok. Negyven és még annyi napotok van, hogy bűnbánatot gyakoroljatok, utána az élő Isten szent tüzében vesztek el mindahányan. Ez volt az első és utolsó szózat, melyet hozzátok intéztem."
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2Karakterek mottói Empty Re: Karakterek mottói on Kedd Május 17, 2016 1:53 pm


Hadd osszak én is a két főkolomposnak, ha már a topic itt áll és ráérek..!

'It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.' - Darr

'I didn't say it was my fault. I said it was my responsibility. I know the difference.' - Niel

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3Karakterek mottói Empty Re: Karakterek mottói on Vas. Júl. 17, 2016 5:36 pm

Alicia Zharis

Alicia Zharis
Silnek a hosszú-hosszú, karakterekről szóló beszélgetések után:
"I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead."

Nem tudom, mennyire passzol, de Damien-Mina párosnak:
"When you can't look on the bright side, I'll sit with you in the dark."
Csak úgy a jó, nagyon közeli kapcsolatuk miatt.

"OK, so I lied.
About my past. About my reasons. About my family and about my name. I am a walking lie. Why do you care?"

Csak amiket hallottam, azok miatt hirtelen Tea jutott eszembe:
"Of all the lies I've heard, 'I LOVE YOU' was my favorite."

"Life is the pain of the pictures in my mind."
Legalábbis mikor a számban elérek ehhez a sorhoz (első sor), mindig ők jutnak eszembe.

Végül nekem, mert udvarias vagyok:
"I am the designer of my own catastrophy."
És egy játékból, csak hogy megmaradjon:
"Én csak egy mezei nekromanta vagyok közel sem mezei élményekkel."

Ha a többiekkel is jobban megismerkedtem, na meg lesz passzoló idézet, amit találok/kitalálok, bővítem Very Happy

"I am the designer of my own catastrophy."
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4Karakterek mottói Empty Re: Karakterek mottói on Kedd Nov. 15, 2016 11:24 am

Leon Wittman

Leon Wittman
Déli Katona
Déli Katona
Nem tudom mennyire stimmelnek, de én így látom (^^):

"You will had to make a thousand mistake before you can one thing right. You just had to find the perfect timing for that one." - Leon Wittman

"I was never alone. Your memories was along my side all of the time." - Alicia Zharis

“You know, there are some minor issue with the world. Like, it is exist.” - Quermos Ashor
("Tudod, a világnak van pár apró hibája. Például, létezik." - Csak hogy te is megértsed. Very Happy )

”That world just need people whose follow their own, right way, and don’t get lost into the easier one.” - Kristin Dalgaard

”How do you mean ‘sleep’? We don’t have time such a non-sense like that. We are here to make something exciting, beatiful, what makes you think, laught or cry. How we could sleep before we finished each others dream?” - Quest of Azrael community, mostly

If you treat me like a dog, then I'll bark and bite as well.
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5Karakterek mottói Empty Re: Karakterek mottói on Hétf. Szept. 11, 2017 4:00 pm

Kristin Dalgaard

Kristin Dalgaard
Keresztes Lovag
Keresztes Lovag
mielőtt elveszne, tavaly az egyik szemináriumom alatt unatkozva írtam sok kaszthoz egy For Honorös videóbemutató szerű szöveget; képzeljetek mind alá egy nagyon epikus videót néhány ikonikus skillel és csatajelenettel Very Happy
(ebben az évben sem hagy nyugodni ez az unalmas szeminárium, szóval valószínűleg jön majd a többi is :'D)

The Pastor
How could have we stood idle? Our flock was exposed to so many dangers. To violence... To hatred... To misjudgement. But we saw their souls, their suffering, we heard their plea... So we lead them away, to new fields where they have found peace - for a time. But as the wolves once again corner them we will not abandon our flock - as our Lord never did.

The Templar
Only by mercy can one find salvation. But mercy has become a rarity in these times. Our enemies show us none, as they lost their ability to follow the path of God and see justice as heresy. We will prove them wrong. We will heed the cries for mercy and punish those who would deny it.

The Occultist
A glimpse into the abbyss lets it enter your mind. It is a plague, an infestation and only utmost caution and precise care can banish it. We stared into the abbyss, and we made it flee from our sight. Because in our eyes burns the fire of God's purity. No matter the enemy, nor the dark... We are ready to fight it.

The Inquisitor
We are hated. We are despised and expelled by those who walk the ligh. Because we... We tread the darkness and give those that dwell there to the sword. Because death and fear our instruments to sow the unjust from the sanctum that is our kingdom. We are hated, because they need us...

The Priest
Faith is the only thing that kept this world from decaying. Faith is the sole hope of those trapped within this valley of sorrows. Faith is the weapon given to us to repell the terrors and sinful shadows lurking in the night. And we, the weavers of God's words are the ones who will see to it that faith never leaves us.

The Crusader
Live by God's will, die by His order. Our creed, our devotion, our faith lies in the shadow of our swords. We are the fury of our Lord. We are the bastion that does not break. We are commanded by the divine to guard, protect, repell and simte as it is just! May thy will be done...

The Knight
War is a symphony. The clashing of blades creeking with the cold hatred of those holding them... The loud drum of shields breaking bones and armor. The Screams, leaving the throats of the wounded, dying warriors meeting their end. Battle is an instrument, composing the song of rage as it is ordered by those who learnt to play it.

"I'm a scythe in a field full of briar"

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6Karakterek mottói Empty Re: Karakterek mottói on Szomb. Szept. 16, 2017 3:59 pm

Kristin Dalgaard

Kristin Dalgaard
Keresztes Lovag
Keresztes Lovag
The Mercenary
In a time when faith is fragile and devotions shift like the wind coin is a reliable god. It can buy life and loyalty, but it can just as easily pay for treason and death. And for those who can play both the hero and the villain, the valorous and the spiteful, coin is a prosperous god. The question is, what are you willing to pay for?

The Archer
Legends say our ancestors worshipped a god of hunt named Ullr. He was steady with a bow and careful in his aim and no arrow he ever fired missed. We no longer adore him, nor do we hunt game. Our hunt became war and our target became armies and strongholds. And yet, we still follow his tradition. We are steady and careful. We are also merciless and powerfull - and we never miss.

The Runesage
You need not to believe our craft. You just need to witness. When paper becomes fire, ink becomes hailstorm and verse becomes a thundering burst of energy... When you enter a room and realise you walked into a torrent of chaos and precision set for you by the humble craftsman, the descendant of wisemen blinded by divine secrets. Then you will believe...

The Arcanist
We never mastered the magic, we just awoke it. it was here waiting, dormant like a silken thread surrounding all that exists here. We just gave it purpose, a direction to flow and it started to do our bidding. And we wondered, as it created anything from fire to life, as it exploded in raw fury or precise, cold sharpness. magic is flowing here, and we direct it to anything we please.

The Plaguedoctor
Life is a value, and as such, it has it's thieves. Not corporeal and uncachable by mundane methods, but as every evil, they have their specialists. Grotesque, hated creatures behind the guise of a raven, bathed in the heavy fumes that purge infection and blessing alike... Yet in your darkest hour, crippled by torment and eaten alive by the oldest diseases, you still call for them.

The Hunter
When you hear the silent creek of a bow taking aim in the shaded glade, you know it's not arrow that is coming for you, but lightning. It is not the elf moving but the wind in a fae shape, whistling through the leaves, raining down a wild storm of tempest, flame or piering ice just like the fairie goddes Flidais, shaping natures bloodlust into the bolts which tear apart the fools who became their prey.

The Warden
They claim to serve the elven wueen, but which they really serve is the woods. The mightiest oak that grants them sturdiness. The youngest birch teaching them agility and finesse. The oldest ashtree warning them with wisdom and the very earth of the forest giving them power to crush and repell every and all enemy of the woods.

The Druid
At first this land was harsh to us until it realised that we are but her children. Until she sensed that in our veins flows her life energy, in our hearth roars her ferocity and in our will lies her will. Now she embraces us and so do we embrace her, fighting her wars and celebrating her victories. And when we are done, we all shall return to her...

The Elementalist
Creation rests on balance. Earth, steady, resolute and unyielding. Water, patient, wise and purifying. Fire, ferocious, unresting and decisive. Wind, restless, shifting and free. We see this balance, so we can preserve it. We unite with the balance, letting earth, water, fire and wind to act in our stead, the roaring thunder or sharp ice speak through our voice - and punish those threatening the balance.

The Moonguard
True dark elves are never alone. Mother Moon always protects them, averting harm, dispersing witchcraft and dampening pain. Father Moon gives them strenght to battle their enemies, unleash cold rage in arcs of shining power. They can evoke, direct, even become lunar light, and fighting their moonguards is like fighting the moon itself. And the lunar deities are not merciful to those harming their children.

The Assassin
There are no temples for the new moon, for it means death. But still, there are disciples dedicated to the lunar god of death, only known by few. Silent, efficient kilelrs, unseen and unwitnessed, for they do not seek glory or fame. They only seek their task done, in a blink of an eye, shrouded in the darkness of the moon's shadow. Without hesitation, withour regret, without a name. That is the calling of the disciples of death.

"I'm a scythe in a field full of briar"

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